Smoking Cessation Panel

In 2006 the NMA National Programs staff invited experts to join the Smoking Cessation Consensus Panel to examine the effects of smoking and tobacco control initiatives, especially how each relates to the African American community. Below are the names of the panel members:

Albert W. Morris, JR., M.D.
Consensus Panel Chairperson
President, National Medical Association
Memphis, Tennessee

Nelson L. Adams, III, M.D.
President -Elect
National Medical Association
North Miami Beach, Florida

Cedric Bright, M.D.
Vice Speaker, House of Delegates
National Medical Association
Durham, North Carolina

Donna Cryer, J.D., CEO, Facilitator
Cryer Health
Washington, D.C.

Sheila Davis, M.D.
Associate Director,
W. Montague Cobb NMA Health Institute
Washington, D.C.

Jack Henningfield, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Health Policy Pinney Associates, Bethesda,
Maryland Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland

Kimberly Jeffries-Leonard, Ph.D.
Technical Vice President and Manager
Center for Technical Assistance, Training & Research Support
The MayaTech Corporation
Silver Spring, Maryland

Niva Lubin Johnson, M.D.
Region IV Trustee, National Medical Association
Chicago, Illinois

Helen Lettlow, DR.P.H.
Associate Vice President, Priority Populations Initiative
American Legacy Foundation

Sandra McGruder-Jackson, M.D.
Region II Chairperson
National Medical Association
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lornel G. Tompkins, M.D.
Region II Trustee at Large
National Medical Association
Richmond, Virginia


Ivan C.A. Walks, M.D.
President and CEO
Ivan Walks & Associates